Tyler Wilson

Lead Pastor

Life Story

Born and raised in Oklahoma, I grew up in the church, hearing about who Jesus was and what He had done for me. As a young kid, that truth blasted through my heart and became real, prompting a genuine desire to know Him more. The next decade saw a torrid pursuit of God. Yet lacking good, gospel discipleship, my heart slowly drifted towards self-righteous pride. I was becoming the older brother in the prodigal son, touting a stacked religious resume of no glaring outward sin, yet inwardly possessing a heart that related to God and others based on my performance.

Thankfully, His grace remained relentless. As I headed from Bartlesville to Norman for my college years, my idols surfaced and the depravity of my soul began to be revealed. Through it all, the Lord broke me of my petty ‘righteousness’ and led me to the heart of the gospel – His redeeming grace in the sufficiency of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. He loved me despite me.

The journey since has been one of progressively discovering and applying this spectacular news we call the gospel more deeply. Though life has many sorrows, and my heart remains an idol-factory, the reality that Jesus is better continues to take root in my life.

As it has I met my amazing wife and partner, Lauren, while at OU. We were married in 2008 and now have two precious girls, Kate and Madelyn. In 2011 I finished my Masters in Divinity from SWBTS, while having the privilege of serving on staff at The Village Church in Flower Mound, TX before being called back to Oklahoma and eventually to plant The Well. From day 1, the Lord has been so incredibly faithful to build and lead The Well, creating a true family of a church that’s bent on treasuring Jesus.