Ryan Huggins



Life Story

Active in the church from a young age, I was perpetually surrounded by church, other believers, and non-stop christian radio. While I’m convinced I accepted Christ at a young age and believed in His life, death, and resurrection, I did not live like it was true. Mired in sin, tormented by shame, I was a man who may have found the greatest treasure, but I only temporarily pawned everything to attain it and then went and bought back those worldly things I still desired. I still thought my idols would satisfy my longing. But thanks be to God He graciously, yet painfully, revealed the unfulfilling folly of my sin. He broke me to bind me up. I am dependent on His grace to remind me of this every day and keep me clinging to the cross.

I picked up a guitar one summer in high school and began to plunk my way through some songs well enough to lead my youth group on Sunday nights for four years. I lost interest when I left for college but upon returning to my hometown/homechurch after graduation I picked the guitar back up and was blessed with an opportunity to see this interest grow into a passion that revealed a calling in the context of a great church. This calling led me through a series of ordained “coincidences” that resulted in a phone call with Tyler Wilson about a church he was planting in Moore, OK. My wife and I knew the Spirit was stirring us to join this body of believers.

I have been leading the worship ministry at The Well since the beginning months of the church and continue to serve in a bi-vocational role here. I am privileged to point eyes and hearts to Christ and remind our souls of what we too easily forget. The greatest vocational joy I’ve found has been to join the Spirit in the work He is doing in the hearts of His people. Doing it all with a team as incredible as mine is a bonus.

I married my high school love in 2010 and have, together, produced 2 of the best looking boys on the planet. Serving them as a husband and father has grown me more than I thought I needed and brought me more joy than I thought possible.