We are a Jesus-Ruled, Elder-Led, Deacon-Served, and Congregation-Responsible Church


Jesus is the Pastor, the Great Shepherd, who rules & nurtures by the Spirit through His Word, the Bible, so that His people would know and do the will of God. All that we do is in submission to Him and His direction for our church. This means that we will always prayerfully seek Him in all things.

Covenant Members

Since a church is not merely an event to attend, but instead a people to belong to, we have membership. Covenant Membership is a weighty but worthy commitment to joining the family of The Well Church. Like any family, joy is found in participation, loving sacrifice, and service to one another. As we seek to see the Gospel create new identity and compel new activity, we all come together to prayerfully exhort and encourage each other with the Gospel!. God hasn't just designed us for Sunday attendance, but for deep spiritual care by our church family and it’s elders. This is exactly why we hold covenant membership in such high esteem, and hope you will consider walking through our process to call The Well your home!