Gospel Communities

Working the Gospel out together

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What is a Gospel Community?


Put simply, a Gospel Community is a smaller group of people within the church who throughout the week do life together centered around the gospel.

Though our Sunday gatherings are pivotal, truly doing life together happens beyond that morning, which is why we have Gospel Communities. Each one of us was made for community - to be known and to belong. Not only does our Trinitarian God exist in loving community, but He saved us into it, too. Even more, each one of us desperately needs others for encouragement, care & correction as our blind spots in life are many. A Gospel Community provides space for just these things. Not merely a social club or bible study, a gospel community is at its core a spiritual family to build relationships centered around Jesus.


Gather around the Gospel

Our Gospel Communities range from 8-20 men and women who gather in homes across Moore and the south metro area. Although they meet at least weekly, they are not defined or confined by an event 1 night a week. Rather, they are a community who walks deeply through the joys and sorrows of life together as they are pursuing Jesus. It is a safe place for you to be truly known while simultaneously experiencing the love and acceptance found in God. When you fully engage in this, a GC becomes your people, your mini-church. 

Grow in the Gospel

As we gather our goal is to see Jesus treasured more and more in each other. So then, with your Gospel Community you can expect to discuss and respond to Scripture together, openly share burdens & needs, fight for joy in Christ, celebrate grace and victories, and engage in prayer for one another. Because it's okay to not be okay, we can confess sin honestly to one another without fear. Because it's not okay to stay there, we can encourage one another towards the superior pleasure found in knowing God. Jesus truly is better, and as His life, death, and resurrection begins to saturate us in the everyday stuff of life, we mature & see progressive change. 


Go with the Gospel

Simultaneously then, we cannot help but be compelled as a community for those that don't yet know the goodness of Jesus. So we intentionally extend this community to others who don’t have it. We collectively resolve to multiply - to pray missionally, serve in the name of Jesus, tell His redemption story, take others under our wing to disciple, and supportively send and go where the gospel is being pioneered.
As the community expands then we eventually multiply and continue to walk in this gospel rhythm of gather, grow, go.