Matt McMains


Life Story

My grandfather was my pastor growing up, my parents were faithful followers of Christ and I was in the church as often as the doors were open.  By God’s grace I heard the gospel from the moment I could understand sentences, and when I was eight, God changed my heart.  Being young, I recall few details surrounding my conversion; however, what I do remember is hearing the gospel preached and recognizing my desperate need of a savior.  I prayed in the church pew that Jesus would save me, and I believe He did.  I had been happy often, but this joy was new. Though I was young, God did a work in me so that I would surrender to Christ in faith, and I give him all the glory.

It was in college, at Oklahoma Baptist University, when my faith became much more real, and when Christ truly became an anchor for my soul. Through pain and sickness I was made to rely on him daily. It was also during this season that I met my bride Ashley, and God has used her mightily to strengthen and encourage me in my faith. 

Since then I have graduated from seminary with an MDiv and PhD in New Testament studies, and we have added 3 wonderful children to our family. We have experienced much loss, but also much blessing, and Christ continues to be our rock in the ups and downs of life. He never changes.

We came to the Well in 2016 and are so thankful for the kindness God has shown to us through this church family. My hope is that we would truly be a community of faith who encourages one another as we seek to make the treasure that is Jesus known to those around us.

In my spare time I enjoy being with my wife and kids…in the spare time I really don’t have I read, crossfit, play guitar, and translate ancient Greek.